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Crack The Sky

In the heart of darkness… do what must be done.

Depweg is lost in time, unwittingly finding himself in a stream of reality that has broken off from the single river our universe safely resides upon. John has no choice but to do the impossible and retrieve his best friend or risk the two parallel timelines crashing into one another. Teaming up with the newcomer, Jose, our hero must act quickly to prevent a catastrophic flood of crashing realities.

Poised at the center of our galaxy, lies the most destructive force in the known universe, and John will get a first-hand experience at its unimaginable power. To save Depweg, our hero must travel through the supermassive blackhole, and back in time to find a single needle in a thousand haystacks.

Waking up in a strange place, Depweg is gifted with something he hadn’t known he had craved since John had first told him of the unstoppable prophecy and coming apocalypse; solace. For the first time in years, Depweg can take a breath, finding peace in the knowledge that the end of the world is far, far away. There’s only one thing that could make his relaxing vacation even better while simultaneously providing the perfect reason to never go back…

Having lost everyone he cares about, a defeated, hopeless young man will allow chaos into his heart in exchange for a chance at revenge for the fallen. All too late, he realizes the cost as the law of unintended consequences proves to be absolute, and a war is waged on people the young man once called friend.

Behind the scenes, powerful marionettes pluck at fraying strings, guiding the story toward its inevitable conclusion. Will John be able to cut away his strings to become a real boy? Or will he remain a puppet to his fate…


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The novella is book 0.5 and is the perfect introduction to the series at only 12k words in length.

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Book 1- KU, Kindle, and paperback

My name is John Cook, and my life began the day my heart stopped beating.

“Deadpool as a vampire!”
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Book 1- Audible

Read by Audible Hall of Fame Narrator, Luke Daniels.

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