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Three exciting Series to sink your teeth into

Book 10 in my “Preternatural Chronicles” series is set to release on Dec 19th, 2023. Audio is currently scheduled for sometime in early Q1.

This crazy ride perfectly sets up the last 3 books in the series. So buckle up!

“Midday’s Sun” is book 2 in my gritty, realistic superhero series, the “Sol Saga,” featuring Phil Thron as the narrator for the audiobook.

If you like the idea of “Logan” meets “The Boys” then pick this one up below!

Click the link to go straight to book 1, “Dawn’s Light.”

“Sands of Time” is book 2 in my newest hit series, the “Chronos Paradox” narrated by the one and only Luke Daniels. This is an action packed sci-fi time traveling thriller that will also tug on your heart strings as you root for a dad who’s lost everything.

What would you do to save those you love? How far would you go?
Andrew Frost will stop his family’s killer no matter what–or when.

Click below to get book 1, “Wielding an Hourglass.”

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The novella is book 0.5 and is the perfect introduction to the series at only 12k words in length.

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My name is John Cook, and my life began the day my heart stopped beating.

“Deadpool as a vampire!”
-Reviewer Consensus


Over 30 hours of my best selling series for only 1 credit!

Read by Audible Hall of Fame Narrator, Luke Daniels.

Click below to listen to a free 5 min sample on the Audible website