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Fall From Grace

Face toward the light of choice while shadows of consequence loom behind.

Choice. Such a simple word cloaked by unseen consequences that only become clear once a decision has been made.

John is given an impossible choice, but can see the outcomes as if only a sheer veil playfully obscured the consequences—teasing untold guilt and pain no matter the decision. The knife hurts more when you see it coming.

A king’s life hangs in the balance, suspended between life and death in a frozen prison. The fate of two worlds awaits an outcome.

Onyx clouds edged in glowing white condense over the Earthen plane while a hole to another dimension grows in Faerie. A horror of horrors, truly maddening in size, writhes just beyond the opening door.

An innocent heart, corrupted by grief, screams to be rescued while a queen seeks an unlikely ally in a land of eternal punishment and deceit.

John stands at the precipice of destiny: Faerie above, Hell below.

Will he rescue the one he loves from an obvious trap? Or will the innocent youth, whose fate is intwined with our own world, force John to be the hero we need, even to the detriment of his own heart.

The choice is his…

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The novella is book 0.5 and is the perfect introduction to the series at only 12k words in length.

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Book 1- KU, Kindle, and paperback

My name is John Cook, and my life began the day my heart stopped beating.

“Deadpool as a vampire!”
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